Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Photobucket is not working for some strange reason..that really Grinds My Gears!

Anyways, today I am nannying very late. I started at 10AM and probably won't be off 'til about 11PM-12AM...Cruz finally fell asleep. He wouldn't sleep and kept playing with the speaker next to his bed. I put on some Chopin. He fell asleep quickly.

I had a bowl of cereal for lunch. A bowl of Cheerios. MMM. But I will eat more later. Also, I plan on working on my portfolio this summer. I would like to get some sort of a scholarship for when I attend SJSU...and be able to do the Disney Animation Internship!!

Finally, some art. A small little thing...
Image Hosted by
Audrey Hepburn. 1-27-08...Color pencil and a few hours.

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