Wednesday, June 4, 2008



When I get home I'm breaking out the canvas and paints...But I might go to the art store first to get supplies. I really need some paint thinner! And a brush or two. I just got my money back from working at Barnes & Noble in 2006 hahaha! $125! Woo! I didn't work much then...I got $300 something for 2007.

University Art is amazing. I need to get some more film so I can finish making my homemade-out-of-a-cereal box pin-hole camera. That's a lot of hyphens?

I love all things Russian. I love the accents, the colors, and RUSSIA. I must go there some day. And get a Lomography camera. I would love the Diana+F. It has a cute flash and a cute body. And it's plastic. And it takes amazing vintage-looking photographs. But so will my homemade pin-hole. But that may only be used outdoors in the sunshine.

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