Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer School.

I have been taking one online class...and it has taken over my life. Sorry for the absence. I should be done by the fifth of this month (August). Once that is over, I will have a few summer weeks left over! Yippee! Hopefully I will draw a lot...and paint a lot!

I haven't painted in over a year due to my room being 10x10 and a rental. There is new carpet on the floor and I cannot chance it. I am a klutz: getting paint on the floor is inevitable.

We are moving next Friday (August 7th) to an owned home! My grandparents just bought it and I am so excited. I live with them and it is a lot of fun.

My room is going to be painted and I am going to make it as amazing as I can. I want to have a little drawing section. We shall see. A new desk is definitely in order.

Well, I have a rough draft research paper on obesity - it has to be ten pages long - due tomorrow. Ciao!

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