Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Even if I forget to blog during the week, I will do this every week (!!!)!!!
1. Where do you find inspiration?  James, Disney, and nature.
2. Have you got any hobbies or interests you’ve let lapse & wish you would take up again?  ART, knitting, and sewing.
3. One tea party. Ten invitations. Who do you invite?  Um...
4. Who was your favourite teacher at school & why?  Debbie Luoma.  I just loved her English class!  We read so many amazing  books.
5. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?  Does an hour count?  Because that's what I'm in now.  We only see each other weekend nights.

Courtesy of Gala Darling.


Hayley Ann said...

disney inspires me so so much. we do have the same header font! yay. such a neat font :D hope you have a great weekend, darling.

Anonymous said...

What sort of books do you read in this class?

Megan Hahn said...

Les Miserables,War & Peace, almost all of Austen's works, almost all of Shakespeare's plays, Don Quixote, the Sword in the Stone, Ivanhoe, etc. So many classics! We read a book a month and wrote many essays on each one!